Flows on the Ipswich River are well below ecologically safe levels.  As shown here barely any water is trickling over the Ipswich Mills Dam. Low flows are linked to the loss of river dependent fish such as brook trout, and it can make shallow stretches difficult for paddling. Ipswich River in Critical Condition - Due to abnormally low groundwater levels and lack of rainfall, the Ipswich River is currently flowing at critically low levels and has been since May. Low flows dry up important habitat for fish and other animals living in our waters and are linked to the loss of river dependent fish such as brook trout and river herring. Low flows can...
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004Volunteering is a great way to make a difference, learn new skills and help the river.

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Visit Riverbend

Native_Plant_Garden_2011_with_sign_lilies_DKRiverbend, the home of Ipswich River Watershed Association, is a great place to visit. Look for our sign at 143 County Rd (Route 1A) in Ipswich. Gardens, trails, dock and property are open from sunrise to sunset for paddling, walking, birding and gaining the peace of mind that comes from a beautiful stretch of water.

Members use our boats for free, anytime! Canoes and kayaks are right by the river, ready to be launched from our dock. First come, first served. Reservations are not required to paddle what many people say is the most beautiful and least frequented stretch of the river.

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River Conditions

Ipswich River USGS Gage

USGS Water-data graph for site 01102000How is the River doing today? Check Paddling Conditions.

In order to keep the river healthy and help you enjoy it, our staff and volunteers monitor a range of “indicators” that can help us spot problems with water quality and understand how the river is affected by low flows and land and water-use practices.

See the latest on river conditions and learn how to be part of the effort!

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